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Why brands choose content marketing over ads article

Study Suggests Businesses Are Spending More On Content Marketing Over Ads

People are scrolling past advertisements because consumers don’t trust advertisements. No one wants to be told what to do, and in the case of most advertising, people are told to buy.

Skype bots 850x476 article
Small Business Trends

Skype Bots Enhance Search Features, Responds To Queries

As part of announcements at Microsoft’s Build 2016 conference, Skype announced a new ‘Bot’ platform. Called Skype Bots, this feature is described by the company as “a new way to bring expertise, products, services and entertainment into your daily messaging on Skype.”

Mail chimp 850x476 article
Small Business Trends

New MailChimp Feature Gives Better Idea How Emails Look to Clients

The email marketing service provider MailChimp has just recently unveiled a new feature, MailChimp Inbox Preview, which enables its users to preview its emails before they are sent out. MailChimp Inbox Preview is an upgraded version to its predecessor, Inbox Inspector.

Wordpress article

What are The Best Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Site in 2016

If you’re running your site on WordPress, you’re in good shape for a lot of reasons. WordPress has become by far the single most popular CMS because of its excellent customization options, integration features, and robust architecture. You can really do some pretty neat things with the various plugins and HTML tricks to make your website stand out from the crowd. The issue is, while some key plugins here and there won’t slow you down, if you load up your WordPress site with too many added features, it can really choke the site’s speed. When that happens, it doesn’t matter how cool your website is; if it doesn’t load fast enough, people won’t stick around to see it.

How to improve kids iq article

How Can You Help Your Kids Become Smarter?

According to a study from Genetics Home Reference, only 50% of a child’s intelligence is passed down from the parents, while the remaining 50% can be attributed to a child’s environment, availability of learning resources, nutrition, parenting, and education.

Push notifications article

5 Things You Should Know About Push Notifications for Your Business

The strategy has proven highly effective for marketing campaigns. Urban Airship conducted a six-month analysis of 2,400 apps and 500 million push notifications and found that, depending on the industry, 35% to 50% of consumers enable push notifications on their mobile devices, illustrating the huge reach. Even better for businesses, users that received push notifications were twice as likely to continue using the app sending those notifications. For a platform that is notorious for its cutthroat competition, any increase in app longevity can greatly boost a business’s cash flow.

Appsworld article

4 Reasons Why Your App Isn’t Successful

Your app is probably one of the most essential tools vital for the growth of your business. You’ve probably spent several months working with talented developers to perfect it. But then now you’re stuck with the challenge of marketing it.

Ny article
The Huffington Post

5 Real Estate Problems Familiar to New Yorkers

New York city has been facing a demanding shortage of affordable housing with property prices having soared in the past decade. Recent homeownership rates have dropped significantly to 63.5% from where it was a decade back. To top it all, the great recession left an inexpugnable mark on the millennials, which is nearly a fifth of the total population of New York.

Why real time marketing is more than a trend 1068x601 article
Small Biz Club

3 Online Marketing Trends You Need to Know for Success in 2016

Data analytics are powering almost every area of business today, from the way sales teams gather leads to the way leaders make big decisions. Like their colleagues, marketers closely watch analytics, whether they’re connected to search engine rankings or social media engagement.

Career article
The Huffington Post

30 Careers With The Highest Paying Salaries | Lisa Froelings

The Notorious B.I.G. has been know to say "mo money, mo problems," but I can't think of anyone who would say no to a little extra cash from work. There is a substantial debate around the question of how much money we need to be happy, but interestingly enough, what we do with our money affects our happiness more than how much of it we actually make.

Top ceo article
Addicted 2 Success

30 Phrases Top CEOs Live By

As anyone who comes from a small, southern town knows, it is extremely easy to pick up common sayings from those around you. Someone who’s pretty full of it is “all hat, no cattle.” Your perpetually late friend is “slower than molasses in January.” Someone who has just sold a business is “living in high cotton.”

Weleet 1 850x476 article
Small Business Trends

No More Working Alone: Weleet Matches Co-work Partners

People opting to work as freelancers are on the rise.
As a freelancer, a person is working at his or her own pace and on his or her own terms, often from the comfort of home. Most people who chose freelancing prefer a work life far from the hassle, noise and stress of a traditional office.

Periscope sketching doodle draw 850x476 article
Small Business Trends

Periscope Sketching Feature on Live Streams

Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming video app, is now testing a new Periscope Sketching feature that allows users to draw and doodle on top of live-streamed video.

J3ojtir article

When Your Most Promising New Hire Candidate Turns Out to Be Sexist

As far as one’s standing in the tech community goes, Laura Roeder has done very well for herself by any standard. As the founder and CEO of Meet Edgar, she’s established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of social media platform integration and synchronization. It’s easy to envy someone who’s so successfully and so quickly made her mark on the tech industry.

Moms article
The Huffington Post

How Can Moms Better Manage Their Business While Raising Family?

How can moms better manage their business and still be a good mom.